Yorkshire Pudding from our collection of Yorkshire Recipes, Yorkshire sayings and more Yorkshire stuff!

Yorkshire Pudding

A lot of families always ate the Yorkshire pudding first with beef gravy, to fill everyone up so that the beef would go further.

1 cup of flour
2 eggs
1 cup of milk

Mix eggs and milk together, beat well.
Gradually add egg mixture to flour and salt. Beat Well (no lumps).
Let stand a while before cooking, Pre-heat oven to about 450, heat a small amount of shortening, in shallow pan, approx. 9" x 13", or individual pans, (I purchased mine years ago when back for a visit) when the fat is spluttering add mixture and put back onto the top shelf of the oven.
It takes about 20 mins. It should have risen around the edges and in the middle, and should have browned.
Eat as soon as possible.


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